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Secrets of the furious five (additionally known as kung fu panda: secrets and techniques of the livid five) is an american lively quick produced by dreamworks animation, which serves as a semi-sequel or spin-off to the lively function movie kung fu panda and looks on a accomplice disc of the unique film’s deluxe dvd launch. It became later broadcast on nbc on february 26, 2009 and is now available as a separate dvd as of march 24, 2009.

The movie has a framing tale of po the dragon warrior (in computer animation) telling the memories of his comrades in hands, the livid five, which can be depicted in 2d cel animation, just like the hole and quit credit of the unique film.

The only actors from the film to reprise their roles in this quick had been jack black as po, dustin hoffman as grasp shifu, david pass as crane, and randall duk kim as master oogway. Angelina jolie, lucy liu, jackie chan and seth rogen do now not reprise their roles specially because their associated characters are depicted as their more youthful selves.

In this quick, monkey is voiced by way of jaycee chan, son of jackie chan. Jaycee chan also voiced crane inside the cantonese version of the unique movie.

Production of the film turned into outsourced to reel fx creative studios, who worked on cg animation, and to movie roman, who worked on traditionally animated sequences


Po (jack black) is assigned by means of grasp shifu (dustin hoffman) to educate an creation to kung fu magnificence for a group of rambunctious bunny youngsters. Po tries to provide an explanation for to the kids that fight isn’t always the handiest part of what kung fu is ready, while its actual that means is “excellence of self.” to demonstrate his factor, he uses the testimonies of the livid five’s person pasts and the fundamental philosophical ideas they discovered that enabled them to be great kung fu masters.

In his youngsters, mantis turned into a petulantly impatient warrior who become at risk of jumping to conclusions and making impulsive selections. Whilst this dependancy got himself captured through crocodile bandits, the lengthy wait he become forced to endure in his cage allowed him to find the persistence to play useless lengthy enough to ambush his captors.

Viper, the daughter of top notch master viper, changed into born with out venomous fangs. Her father, who relied on his venomous bite to guard the village, become despondent that she ought to by no means be triumphant him as a warrior, making her sense timid. At some point during a festival, terrific master viper encountered a gorilla bandit who wore armor hard sufficient to shatter his fangs while he tried to chunk him. Seeing her father at risk, viper discovered the braveness to fight the bandit and defeat him together with her ribbon dancing capabilities.

Crane was an unconfident janitor of a kung fu academy until the famous person student mei ling advocated him to are seeking for enrollment in the school. Despite the fact that his nerve failed him at the tryouts, crane by accident stumbled into the intimidating task that decided eligibility and all of sudden located the confidence to take the venture, along with his skinny body proving to be an asset that enabled him to prevail.

Tigress become an orphan whose reputation as an apex predator and her damaging lack of manipulate of her electricity left her feared and isolated within the rest of the orphanage in which she lived. Master shifu came to kindly train her the area she desperately had to control her actions till she should perform delicate duties conveniently enough to allay the issues of the orphanage and the children that lived there. Whilst she was once more rejected for adoption via the adults who have been still frightened of her, grasp shifu took her in as his pupil and foster daughter.
Monkey turned into a troublemaker who tormented his village owing to him being publicly humiliated in his kids. He defied all tries to pressure him to go away by eliminating his assailants’ belts that held their pants up until master oogway confronted him and defeated him in a combat (considering the fact that he wore no pants), deducing the cause of his anti-social behavior. In preference to making him leave the village as in line with the mission, oogway informed him to stay and advocated him to show compassion to others, as he might need in comparable situations

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